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If your current website was designed by us then your ahead of the game already as we design all our sites to be search engine friendly. However this is just the beginning.

For a website to be of any use it needs consistent levels of traffic/visitors. There are of course two free ways of obtaining a small level of traffic to your website; 1. Word of Mouth 2. Company Stationary. This wont provide the numbers required though. Some other 'SEO' companies will promise first page listings immediately (which is impossible) but what they really do is setup pay per click adverts for you, which costs more and may be un-necessary if you can achieve good organic results. See the image to the right to see the difference between organic listings and ppc ads.

Does you company appear in search engines when your products, services and area coverage are typed in?

Does your website even appear in the listings if you type in your business/website name?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then you need help quickly! Think of all the traffic and potential custom that your website is missing out on!

Get your website to work hard for you by driving traffic/visitors to your website from search engines with The Path Web Design's 'web optimisation services'. Whether you are an existing client using one of our other services or just need your website optimised; we can help you increase visitors, increase sales and get the most from your online presence.

SEO is an ongoing battle and is best built up over time, with a continual effort being made. We do however, operate a no contract policy, so you can stop the service at anytime. You are in control!

As SEO and web/online marketing overlap our clients have benefited from our Web Marketing services to increase website popularity, organic listings and traffic. Take out our combined 'Web Marketing and Optimisation' package and save money.

Website Optimisation

See the results for yourself...

Fife based company Q-Mindspace wanted to increase traffic to one of their company websites; and increase its organic search listing.

The site was languishing on page 6 of Google for the search term 'online focus groups' and had been for some time. Obviously the domain name is competitive for the "online focus group" phrase but as already stated the site was stuck on page six for over a year! It just goes to show you need more than just a good domain name to get good search engine results.

Using a combination of our web marketing, SEO and consultancy expertise online focus groups is now enjoying No. 1 placement on Page 1 on Google for the search term mentioned above and enjoying increased traffic.

Try it for yourself:

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