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Website graphics are a hugely important part of a successful website. Logos, mini-logos and favicons are especially so, as they create a companies brand and can become recognised trademarks. Traditionally clean and simple designs have proven to be the most effective i.e. ebay, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and IBM. All are very simple text based logos. This is not just relevant in online scenarios, clean and simple logos work the best in the real world too i.e. Coca Cola, Mars and of course McDonalds (Mmmm Big Mac).

We recognise how important websites graphics are, thats why we work closely with our clients to achieve something relevant, eye catching and memorable. Graphics we hope play a crucial role in a successful branding campaign and become easily recognisable and popular trademarks.

Once the brand image has been conceptulised and created we work this into the website design, using the new logo and complimentary colours to create an overall effect and fluid design.

Perhaps you are happy with your website overall but just want the graphics tweaked or updated to look a bit more "web 2.0". No problem, just tell us what you want replaced and any ideas you may have and we will get straight to work. No job is too small!

Banner Adverts

Advertising is now a huge part of the internet and businesses advertising expenditure. It can help websites increase traffic, sales and generally boost the profile and popularity of a site and business as a whole. We use our expertise to design you advertisements that will have the most impact, attract the most attention and produce a higher click-through rate!

These adverts can of course be used with hundreds of affiliate network companies currently offering advertising services online. But you can also utilise these adverts on your own website to direct users to areas requiring promotion or to special offers and sale items.

With so many distractions online your adverts really have to grab peoples attention (for the right reasons) and encourage a click through to your website. However, the next stage is making sure you have a great website to convert that visit into a sale. A badly designed website will just result in the user clicking back within a second!

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