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09 Aug

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It needs a web presence.

A lot of small businesses (especially businesses of a certain type) don’t think they need a website, normally because their business relys on passing trade, word of mouth and local advertising. Examples of businesses that have a tendency to think like this are; hairdressers, restaurants, cafes and small shops (like craft, art or hobbyist shops).

OK some will say: “well Im busy and making money, why do I need a website as Im making enough sales as it is and I dont think Id make any sales through a website anyway.” This is definitely a fairly short-sighted view! Take for example hairdressers, what if I searched “best barber in Perth” or “Perth hairdressers with tanning facilities”. More and more people are using these localised more exacting search terms. Ive used the “best barber in Perth” search term myself in an attempt to find a good barber in Perth, surprisingly.

What did I find? Well not a lot really which got me thinking and inspired this post. If a barber in Perth created a good website and optimised the content with the keyterm “best barber in perth” and “perths best barber” they would have had page one, number one position in Google and at least one more customer…me!

But its not just me that makes these kinds of searches, there is literally hundreds if not thousands of people making similar searches.

For a relatively small investment say around £200 these searchers could be finding your business website! To put it in perspective how much do most businesses pay for an advert in their local paper? Around £400-1500 is probably about right. That £200 seems pretty well spent if you ask me.

Dont fall behind your competitors and don’t simply dismiss the idea that you could gain financially from a good business website!

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